SPServices AddUserToGroup RemoveUserFromGroup

22 Oct

Lately there are some questions about the AddUserToGroup and RemoveUserFromGroup functions of the SPServices library.
Here some examples:

            operation: "AddUserToGroup",
            groupName: "<groupname>",
            userName: "<displayname of the user>",
            userLoginName: "<domain>\\<loginname>",
            userEmail: "<emailaddress of the user>",
            userNotes: "<note to add>"

Replace <groupname>, <displayname of the user>, <domain>, <loginname>, <emailaddress of the user> and <note to add> with yours, without the < and >.

            operation: "RemoveUserFromGroup",
            groupName: "<groupname>",
            userLoginName: "<domain>\\<loginname>"

Replace <groupname>, <domain> and <loginname> with yours, without the < and >.

2 Replies to “SPServices AddUserToGroup RemoveUserFromGroup

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  2. Thank you very much It really helped me.can you please tel from where that details can I get.Because sometime I need some other functions details as like too.


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