Url parameters for SharePoint 2007

28 Aug

Nothing new, just a quick recap for the SharePoint 2007 people and the last time I was often asked about this.

No ‘Edit Page’ at ‘Site Actions’ menu

On the pages newform, editform and dispform (aspx pages for list item modifications) there is no ‘Edit Page’ menu option available at the ‘Site Actions’ menu.

When you want to add webparts on these pages you can use SharePoint Designer or add the toolpaneview parameter to the url.
Options for the toolpaneview parameter:
1 – Message in the toolpane: A webpart you attempted to change is either invalid or has been removed by another user. I don’t know where this one is being useful, anybody?
2 – Browse to add a webpart
3 – Search to add a webpart
4 – No toolpane view
5 – Import a custom webpart

Lost a webpart from your page?

If you closed a webpart on a page or think your page is loading slow, check out the webpart page maintenance by adding ‘contents=1’:

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